Key Differentiators

Transformational Research

“Know Your Truth” by capturing high-level information from a large population on a wide variety of mission-critical areas of focus to establish whether customers are actually experiencing what your branding promises and identify the gaps that need to be addressed.

Pinpoint Sources of Friction

Net Referral+ CX clearly identifies the root causes of friction customers encounter as they experience your Products, Processes, Channels, and your People that interfere with them staying with you, buying more from you, and telling others about you in a positive way.

Instant Access to Live Data

Net Referral+ CX’s proprietary Client Portal provides your managers with survey feedback in real time, so they instantly have their finger on the pulse of what's happening NOW — and whether your overall customer experience delivery is meeting your objectives.

Scientifically-Structured Surveys

Our team of Survey Development Experts create a unique arsenal of surveys with customized content and branding to fulfill each client’s array of goals and objectives, as well as an attack plan for deploying those surveys for maximum positive impact.

Closed-Loop Management

Whether a survey reveals a complaint to resolve or an opportunity to pursue, Net Referral+ CX ensures that nothing falls through the cracks, immediately notifying the right internal resources, tracking appropriate follow-through and boosting accountability.

Streamlined Journey Mapping

While the desired outcome of traditional journey mapping is an enhanced customer experience, customers are rarely involved in the process. Net Referral+ CX integrates surveys to establish specific customer expectations as milestones their journey must exceed.

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