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Inspire Teams.
Aspire to Performance Excellence.

Mentor-Style Coaching™ and Next-Level Training™

A valuable training program for advancing your internal and external service and sales culture to
sustainability and overall organizational health.

Why do I need to create an optimized Service and Sales culture
with Mentor-Style Coaching™ and Next-Level Training™?

Studies show that organizations must have a solid foundation in service in order to optimize performance, grow and be profitable. Support EXP has spent decades developing customized mentor-style coaching and next-level training sessions that are intended for clients who want to optimize their service results and overall service culture to build a healthy organization.

These are just some of the advanced service and sales skills you can expect to gain in order to exceptionally impact the customer experience.

  • Learn how to conduct an effective manager-to-employee coaching session using a streamlined coaching model based on actionable analytics that identify current skills as well as skills yet to be mastered.
  • Take away best practices to be used at the branch level, where individual performance excellence is nurtured and fostered.
Group Coaching Session

Managers will have an opportunity to self-assess their coaching skills and create an activity plan to move their coaching to the next level.

Coaching Session

Working with leading and lagging indicators, managers are equipped to inspire, drive for results, and develop an organization poised for emergent teams.