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First to Market.
First to Win – the Digital User Experience.

Digital UX™

Humanize the Digital User Experience.

Continue to create lifetime customer value by investing in your Digital, Self-Service Channel development, and the User Experience (UX) today. Research shows digital channel usage is here and will significantly contribute to your overall service delivery and customer engagement. In fact, many customers of all ages already factor digital solutions into why they choose their primary financial service institution. So, in order for you to attract and retain new customers and build brand loyalty, it is imperative to provide stellar content on your digital devices, and be able to measure and leverage the data results for improved brand and user engagement and experience. The time is now to begin a formal evaluation of how your current and future customers interact with you via your mobile app, website, social media, and ATM.

Are you prepared to deliver the optimal digital experience for improved market share?

Let’s start by plotting your path on the roadmap to web design competency. We’ll reveal if your website functionality, reliability, and quality of service delivery are properly aligned with your brand, so your customers can actively engage and navigate through the competitive ‘noise,’ to allow your organization to focus on what matters most − future business and market share.

Support EXP’s Digital UX™ measures the user experience by applying behavioral measurement and metrics. It provides actionable insights that you can use, in real time. We’ll analyze, normalize, and optimize user performance to help you create a superior user experience to ensure that you deliver the results − retain existing customers, get repeat customers, and gain referral business, so you will win future business.

Digital UX Product Wheel

Why Digital UX™?

Measurement and Metrics:

  • Turn-key customizable solution that measures your website and mobile app
    functionality, design, and presence, plus the ‘why’ behind the scores
  • Align your brand with core competencies through enhanced customer awareness
  • Build a consistent brand, delivery to the market, and experience for the end user
  • Improve your website and mobile promotions and focus
  • Enhance customer growth opportunities, plus generate leads
  • Increase products per Customer / Customer loyalty


  • Actionable, behavior-level, performance-trending data
  • Employee by employee coaching reports
  • Performance Index: Are you getting retained, repeated, and referred business?

Plus so much more….

The Voice of Your Customers

Digital UX™ measures your customer’s digital user experience using a select cross-section of your customer base to obtain relevant feedback from your customers in real time, providing your managers with insights and actionable data that show how to deliver excellence in service and an exceptional experience to every customer, every time.


Our Reporting Features & Benefits:

  • Segmentations and extensive drilldowns
  • Interactive, animated charts and graphs
  • Multi-dimensional, diagnostic feedback
  • Online resource library
  • Monthly, quarterly & executive level reports
  • Integrated sales and coaching reports

Experience Unparalleled Results

With Support EXP, you are gaining a collaborative partner. We provide side-by-side support so you can understand and use the depth of your actionable data.

  • Obtain and sustain customer satisfaction ratings of 95% and higher while the industry average for credit union customer satisfaction is just 82%.