Key Differentiators

Built on Solid Science

The foundation of Internal Service EX is a hybrid of SERVQUAL, a multi-dimensional research methodology focused on subjectively measuring service quality, and ServEXP, our proprietary research system that objectively assesses service quality delivery at the behavioral level.

Focused at the Workgroup Level

Rather than alienating individual employees via traditional 360° feedback tools, Internal Service EX begins by establishing “dependency maps” between workgroups and then assesses how effectively teams that are dependent upon each other are actually serving one another.

Instant Access to Real-Time Data

Internal Service EX’s proprietary Client Portal provides managers with survey feedback in real time, so they instantly have their finger on the pulse of what's happening NOW with employee engagement — and whether their overall customer experience delivery is meeting their objectives.

Reduce Turnover & Attrition

Friction between employees and workgroups creates an unpleasant, unhappy and toxic work environment that results in unacceptably high levels of employee turnover and collateral damage to customer interactions. Eliminating that friction is the goal of Internal Service EX.

Maximize Employee Performance

Internal Service EX captures feedback from employees to identify the barriers that are preventing employees from performing at their best when they are depending on other teams and groups and creates NEW EXPECTATIONS for how teams work within the organization.

Empower Managers As Coaches

Building internal service quality from back office to the front line through mutual accountability and coaching is the new priority for managers. Our Client Success Team equips, educates and inspires managers to serve as effective coaches, ensuring that the key behaviors are practiced.

What Success Looks Like


this Client Ranked #1 in the Nation on Forbes Customer Satisfaction List


this Client's Transformation Resulted in Dramatic Increases In revenue