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Rhonda Sheets in Africa 2014
Rogers Ssekamatte

Rhonda Sheets in Africa 2014
Benaya Niyukiri

Rogers Ssekamatte, Uganda - As a candidate for Compassion International’s Leadership Development program, Rogers and Support GO connected around his need for educational sponsorship. His servant leadership history and the potential of future development as a leader in his local community in Uganda proved him an excellent candidate for partnership in making a difference in local communities worldwide. He successfully completed his degree and further had a vision for a farming project in Uganda. Rogers seeks to improve his family and community by developing self-sustaining farmland. He began his farming project under the oversight of Support GO’s ambassador, Todd Hammerstrom, and learned what it takes to develop and execute a plan. He is further leveraging his education and is now also employed in the banking community.

Benaya Niyukiri, Namibia – Benaya leads the Paraclete Counseling Mission (PCM), working in the trenches of poverty and broken communities every day. The stated mission of PCM is to improve the living conditions of Orphan and Vulnerable Children (OVCs), to support People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA), to influence the lives of people dependent on alcohol and drugs, to empower young people by mentoring and guiding them towards a productive future, and to provide training in psycho-spiritual care and counseling. Their vision is simple: "to reach out to the hurting in order to holistically care for them as Jesus does."

Support GO has been encouraging the development and work of Benaya for many years beginning with his early status in Namibia as a refugee from Burundi, Africa. His wife Aloysia, a refugee from Rwanda, was an attendee at an International African Women’s Conference delivered by our CEO, Rhonda Sheets, in Namibia in 2009. Benaya and Aloysia’s journey has been met with hardship. As refugees, they have remarkably pressed through to obtain undergraduate and graduate level degrees in counseling and development.

The particular area where they have established their work is a shanty town outside of Namibia’s capital city, Windhoek. The first prong of their approach focuses on the care and education of orphans and vulnerable children, a number of whom they have personally become guardians for, in order to begin their education. Their kindergarten program and daily feeding program has provided a sustainable means for a community of children to have hope for the future.

After-school programs offer assistance to high school students struggling to pass the tests they need to remain in school, graduate, and escape the poverty of the present and future. Finally, Benaya and his team work to embrace mothers living with HIV/AIDS, providing support for their spiritual, emotional, and practical needs. On an annual basis, Support EXP’s CEO, Rhonda Sheets, makes the journey to Africa to connect, spend time with, and encourage the work of Benaya and Aloysia and the difference they are making in their local community.