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Professional Employees.
Win Employee Performance.

Internal Service EX™

Maximize Internal Employee Performance.

Build quality at the core of your organization by retaining quality people, because quality people want to work for a quality organization. The people you hire, and how managers lead, nurture, and inspire these employees, determines how you’ll thrive today and in the years to come.

Managing employees means establishing highly effective work groups from the core to the face – those that depend on each other and can rise to performance excellence and sustainability, in order to be able to deliver an exceptional customer experience, internally and externally.

Are you experiencing internal performance gaps?

Building internal service quality is the prerequisite to delivering service excellence to your customers. Maintaining high-performing employee workgroups create value for the organization because they consistently learn, master, and demonstrate professionalism in how they interact and serve others.

The Internal Service EX™ will help you define and clarify the required behaviors, goals, and outcomes for service excellence. With measurement and metrics, you’ll identify the key drivers that impact inter- and intradepartmental performance and be able to identify the performance gaps and improvement opportunities needed to develop the engaged employees that create value and sustainability for your organization.

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Why Internal Service EX™?

Measurement and Metrics:

  • Effectiveness of inter- and intradepartmental service
  • Builds back office professionalism
  • Captures peer feedback at the work-group level
  • Impacts employee interactions at the behavioral level
  • Includes departmental performance trending data and behavioral-level reporting


  • Segmentation and extensive drilldowns
  • Customizable, animated charges and graphs
  • Multi-dimensions, diagnostic feedback
  • At-a-glance summaries
  • Online resource library
  • Monthly, quarterly, and executive level reports
  • Integrated sales and coaching reports
  • Employee, 24-7 access

Plus so much more….

Improve Back Office Relations

Internal Service EX™ by Support EXP is the most dynamic, data-driven back-office measurement solution on the market. You’ll have the power to map internal dependencies and assign accountability to achieve peak organizational performance so you can deliver outstanding customer service to your valuable customers — every time. And when your customers are satisfied, they buy more from you and tell others about you.


Experience Unparalleled Results

When you partner with Support EXP, you are gaining a valuable ally. We don’t just give you the numbers and run; we work side-by-side with you so you can understand the depth of your data and drive transformative change at your financial institution. Our top-performing clients obtain and sustain customer satisfaction ratings of 95% and higher while the industry average for credit union customer satisfaction is just 82%. So why not stand head and shoulders above the rest when, according to the Harvard Business Review, a mere 5% increase in customer satisfaction equals an 80% - 90% increase in revenue?


A Few of Our Reporting Features

  • Segmentations and extensive drilldowns
  • Interactive, animated charts and graphs
  • Multi-dimensional, diagnostic feedback
  • At-a-glance summaries
  • Online resource library
  • Integrated sales and coaching reports
  • Employee list management
  • Secure, 24-7 access