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Close the Performance Gap.
Win Every Customer, Every Experience, Every Time.

The Methodology

Performance Optimization begins with the core of your
organization – internal employees, managers and front-line.

Support EXP specializes in analyzing, normalizing and optimizing performance for your organization by applying scientifically proven measurement and metrics at the behavioral level. It breaks away from the traditional consulting model by using a methodology and approach that inspire and equip the managers, front line, and back-office to deliver exceptional customer experiences – every employee, every behavior, every time – so that your organization achieves superior, sustainable customer satisfaction results, year after year.

Support EXP uses scientific behavior modeling and dynamic skill development tools, scientifically designed to reveal the gaps in performance inside your organization. Using our customizable, practical, tactical approach, mentor-style coaching, and next-level training methods, you’ll quickly close the gap between learning and doing by revealing the behavior skills that need to be refined and improve the selling skills that financially impact your organization.

Your result: Highly functional, emergent teams that intuitively aspire to performance excellence, from the core to the face; a staff that subscribes to unparalleled performance standards; internal employees with uncompromised professional behaviors and attitudes; managers who are engaged and lead with purpose; a front line that is equipped with advanced service and sales skills, delivering an exceptional experience to your customers and creating sustainable customer satisfaction results for your organization for increased revenue, growth and profitability.

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