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The Key Driver of the Customer Experience.
Optimize Your Service and Sales Team.

Performance Optimization

Equip your employees with superior service and sales skills so they deliver the optimal customer experience for customer satisfaction results leading to revenue, growth, and profitability.

What is Performance Optimization?
Support EXP authored the Experience to Results Model (ERM), a framework which highlights the key organizational components needed for revenue, growth, and profitability. It examines how each component, working together, impacts the entire organization from the core to the face, with performance optimization at the heartbeat. The ERM pinpoints an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and reveals the missing components that inhibit performance optimization. To learn more about the ERM, please click here.

Identifying the Performance Dilemma.
Your sales force is built on the capabilities of its managers and front-line supervisors, and they play a key role in influencing the performance of the front-line they manage and motivate. In fact, these managers are more important in driving the customer experience and customer satisfaction results than anyone else in your organization.

Yet sometimes, a sales and service culture becomes fragile, fragmented, or, worse yet, broken.

Performance Optimization is a method we use to deliver sustainable internal and external service and sales performance results, quickly and actionably for our clients. Through behavioral measurement and actionable metrics (proof), our proven method, a total management solution, non-invasively realigns your service and sales culture to its purpose and core competencies. With mentor-style coaching and next-level training, it creates emergent teams of excellence that optimally deliver an exceptional customer experience, superior customer satisfaction results, and sustainable revenue, growth, and profitability.

Performance Optimization will occur when your organization becomes highly customer-centric. When a manager properly engages, develops, and equips his/her employees with a superior sales and service skillset and communication, the employee effectively and consistently engages the customer. Then the customer reacts positively and connects with the experience.

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