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We put the Action in Actionable Analytics.
EXP Actionable Analytics Portal™.

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Learn more about the EXP Performance Optimization Portal

“Most robust reporting I’ve ever seen.”
“So Superior to Gallup!”
“Drilldowns are amazingly impressive.”

Why is the EXP Portal unique?

  • Service and Sales Performance from the broadest glance to drilldown level detail.
  • Intuitive Reporting that closes the gap between learning and doing.
  • Actionable Coaching Tools for Managers to improve branch and digital channel performance.
  • Trend Analysis for Managers and Senior Executives to recognize high-performing markets, regions, and branches and to identify deficiencies.
  • Aggregate level, region level, branch level, department level, employee level behavioral reporting at a glance.

Just a few of our reports

Performance Reports:
Executive summary reports are provided on a monthly basis in addition to individual and group level coaching tools.

Spotlight On Sales:
The Spotlight On Sales module enables individual and group level coaching by measuring specific sales behaviors.

Peer Comparison:
Interactive Peer Compare reports provide historical performance trends, comparing to high, low, and average scores of peers on several performance factors.

Monthly Trend Analysis:
Interactive monthly trend analysis allows analysis of performance data trends by branch, department, or overall.

Group Level Coaching:
The Service Coach's Communiqué is a tool that allows managers to identify specific training opportunities.

Plus so much more….