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Get an Outside-in Perspective.
Win New Customers.

Service & Sales CX Pro™

Acquire and Activize New Customers.

Studies show that consumers will pay a premium for a strong financial brand they like and trust. And everyone knows, stronger brands make more money. But what if your brand offers the same rates, charges, and fees and has the same number of branch locations, just like your competitor across the way? What causes your customers to stay, or switch? And what will it take to persuade new, prospective customers to bank with you?

Do you know how customers and potential customers experience your ‘brand,’ how you differentiate, and how your brand equity affects your bottom line?

To differentiate and compete, your brand must be able to attract, engage, and acquire new customers. Through outside consumer feedback, our team of expertly trained professionals will analyze the sales and service performance that’s being delivered to your prospects, normalize your current state using actionable metrics, and coach and train your management and front line to optimize and perform so you can grow business from the outside-in.

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Why Service & Sales CX Pro™?

Measurement and Metrics:

  • Measure brand value from the outside-in
  • Understand the voice of your prospective customers – what they want and need
  • Gain actionable insight that reveals performance gaps so you can attract new customers
  • Build overall brand confidence, loyalty, and equity


  • Instant, actionable, employee-specific behavioral performance data
  • At-a-glance summaries and extensive drilldown reporting that reveals service
    and sales performance data from the aggregate to the individual level
  • Coaching data used for branch channel strategic development
  • Performance Index – your personal financial institution's scorecard that
    reveals retained, repeated, and referred statistics

Plus so much more….

Our Trained Professionals

Service & Sales CX Pro™ provides the opportunity to measure your brand value from the outside-in. You’ll gain valuable information about your phone center employees, the voice of your prospective customers, and data about those crucial first impressions. Our professional mystery shoppers are expertly trained in service and sales methods so that they can give you an outside perspective of your institution and how your front-line staff interacts with non-customers.


Experience Unparalleled Results

With Support EXP, you are gaining a collaborative partner. We provide side-by-side support so you can understand and use the depth of your actionable data.

  • Obtain and sustain customer satisfaction ratings of 95% and higher while the industry average for credit union customer satisfaction is just 82%.

Our Reporting Features & Benefits:

  • Segmentations and extensive drilldowns
  • Interactive, animated charts and graphs
  • Multi-dimensional, diagnostic feedback
  • Online resource library
  • Monthly, quarterly & executive level reports
  • Integrated sales and coaching reports