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Customer Experience Is the Driver of Loyalty.
Get the Hard-lined Facts.

The Power of the Customer Experience

High performance is paramount to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

The global financial landscape continues to evolve and become even more complex, and standing still is not an option as the new norms demand continual change and excellence. Organizations around the world face increased competition, shifts in buying behaviors, and escalating pressures to maximize revenues and profitability. In order to stay ahead of the curve, you need an agile, emergent, high-performing sales and service culture with high degrees of engagement, aligned from the core to the face of the organization in order to positively impact your customer experience and lead to proven results in revenue, growth, and profitablility.

Let’s look at the facts.

The average consumer has 6.1 financial products.*

Top 3 reasons driving customer experience:
   56% the way I am treated
   44% how they communicate with me
   41% quality of advice given to me
   (*Ernst and Young Banking Survey 2014)


43% of banking customers have changed or plan to change their bank due to poor service.
(J.D. Power and Associates Study)


96% of unhappy customers will not complain, and 91% of those customers will not give you repeat business.
(According to 1Financial Training Services)


About 94% of users in all age groups use online banking and approximately 71% of respondents ages 18-60+ have signed up for mobile banking.
(According to Celent)

What’s your current Situation?

  • Service Culture: Do you deliver consistent and sustained service to your customers? Are your front-line employees delivering an exceptional customer experience to every customer, every time?
  • Sales Culture: Is your sales culture in the early, growth, mature, or declining stage of development – or somewhere in between? Do you have managers who can actively engage employees to help them learn, demonstrate, and master sales skills to pursue opportunities?
  • Internal Service Quality: How well do departments and work groups serve each other? Are your internal workgroups professionally serving each other well or just marginally?
  • Customer Satisfaction: How effectively and consistently is your brand being experienced by your customers? Do you offer a consistent brand experience across the broad customer base?
  • Digital User Experience: How are your customers experiencing your web and mobile applications?

Solving the Performance Dilemma with Measurement, Metrics, Coaching, and Training.

Regardless of where your sales and service organization falls on the spectrum, whether it is in the early or latent stage of service and sales development, or even if you are just experiencing symptoms of trouble ahead, we’ll diagnose the gaps and identify the root cause of the performance issues. We’ll provide an actionable roadmap that includes proven measurement, metrics, analytics, best practices, and mentor-style workshops to develop a management and front-line team. Your team will learn, develop, master, and demonstrate the skills necessary to positively impact the customer experience for your future business.