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Leadership Vision

To develop and foster emergent, inspired, delighted, all-out performing teams.
This vision is to develop a culture that cultivates well-developed, emergent teams, characterized by innovation and mutual respect, led by collaborative, knowledgeable, caring, and committed leaders who authentically engage people, both mind and heart, inspiring the best of who they are and who they can become, and guided by a mutual and enjoyable sense of purpose in becoming effective, flourishing individuals and teams of all-out performance.

Highly Tenured Staff

Support EXP has a culture of hiring, developing, and retaining seasoned professionals who are the “cream of the crop,” which results in a high average tenure at Support EXP and gives our clients very skilled teams of professionals to continuously improve sales and service performance.

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Rhonda Sheets | President, CEO

Rhonda is the founder and president of Support EXP. She established Support EXP to advance organizational development by measuring and improving individual and group performance at the behavioral level, and by driving growth, profitability, and loyalty by optimizing the customer experience.

Rhonda is an innovator of forward-thinking products and services that have delivered unprecedented results for clients. By leveraging scientific models for consumer behavior, she and her organization have developed powerful performance coaching tools and analytics to transform organizations from the inside-out and the outside-in.

Rhonda has been published in numerous industry articles and is a frequent and highly regarded public speaker, both domestically and internationally. She has trained over 5,000 managers and executives in the core aspects of organizational alignment to customer experience objectives. Since founding the company in 1997, Rhonda has led her own organization to significant growth, encompassing business in nearly 40 states, Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. Click here for Rhonda Sheets' full bio.