Where They Were

This bank was seeing growing attrition among their customers and employees. They needed a solution that could help them understand how to deliver a better customer experience and deepen engagement. In addition, they needed to resolve internal, department-to-department, friction.


This bank had three tangible goals…

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Retain employees and customers
  • Gain new customers and revenue


While there were many obstacles, the top issues this bank faced were…

  • Inconsistent frontline coaching and training
  • Internal power struggles amongst departments
  • Understanding WHY their customers and employees were leaving

The Solution

This bank implemented our Service & Sales CX, Beyond Mystery Shopping solution, to…

  • Develop and enhance frontline skills
  • Operationalize a simple sales process
  • Coach specific, targeted behaviors

In addition, they deployed our Internal Service EX, Employee Engagement solution, to…

  • Create a more customer centric culture
  • Develop quality and professionalism
  • Focus on the right behaviors as a team

The Results

This client over-achieved on their goals and expectations. In addition to curbing customer and employee attrition, they were able to dramatically increase revenues and improve satisfaction. The results speak for themselves.
  • $19.4 million increase in revenue over 5 years
  • 3rd place in JD Power Customer Satisfaction
  • Drastically reduced both Customer and Employee Attrition

Through our strategic partnership with Support EXP, the Customer Satisfaction Program has exceeded all business case projections in the areas of customer retention, attrition, and acquisition.

–Senior VP Sales & Service

Results For You

We can help you achieve the same incredible results as this client. 

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