Key Differentiators

Employee Driven

Informs, empowers and equips frontline employees — based on their personal CX feedback — to directly assess, build and master their service and sales skills; track their actual performance and measure their individual contribution to the success of their team/organization.

Customized to the Employee

Focuses each employee’s attention on what’s most relevant to their personal performance — and immediately provides them with the ability to take charge of their own professional development, boost their skills, change their behavior and control their results without delay.

Boost Personal Accountability

Empowers employees to easily track their CX performance trends over time; monitor how well Voice-of-Their-Customer feedback improves; compare their personal performance with their peer, team and organizational trends; and measure progress against their visible goals.

Personal Dashboards

Comprehensive, employee-specific dashboards provide immediate awareness of Voice-of-THEIR-Customer feedback, revealing where they're lagging and where they're excelling and demonstrate how their individual performance is intrinsically linked to the organization’s success.

Synchronized Alerts & Tracking

Notifies employees and their managers that Voice-of-THEIR-Customer feedback has been received, then tracks each employee’s commitment to and involvement in accessing, evaluating, and learning directly from that feedback to ensure that those who want to succeed, DO succeed!

Empower Managers

Liberates managers from time-consuming, disruptive, costly and inefficient training tasks that distract them from both team-building and revenue-generating opportunities, while providing enhanced managerial oversight and guidance to intercept potentially troublesome trends.

Answering Your Questions

From a direct interview with Rhonda Sheets | Founder, President, CEO

What is Self-Empowered Transformation™?

Self-Empowered Transformation™ is our dynamic customer feedback-driven solution that equips frontline employees to build their own success and gain greater ownership of their professional development, while contributing to the success of their team and organization.

At the same time, it liberates managers to provide oversight and guidance, while they encourage employees toward their success. This solution uses Support EXP’s game-changing Voice-of-Your-Customer experience analytics to put on-demand learning at the fingertips of each employee.

Through their individualized customer feedback, employees receive clearly defined direction into the specific service and sales skills they must master to build and deepen customer relationships – which is key to long-term customer loyalty and organizational success.

Here's What Rhonda Had to Say

What Need Does IT MEET?

More and more, frontline employees are under pressure to continually learn new skills as they adapt to the shifting demands of their jobs. The stark reality for financial services is that ongoing employee learning is not just a competitive advantage – it’s a survival tool.

Like all of our solutions, Self-Empowered Transformation™ grew out of what we are seeing in the banking industry today, and what we are hearing from our clients. Financial institutions face an unrelenting challenge to meet ever-changing customer expectations in a digitally connected world. 

The big problem with traditional approaches to employee training is that what is taught in the classroom environment is not translated to the live environment. There’s a misconception that when your employees go to training they come out and they’re miraculously changed — they immediately do the process perfectly. But that training is only an introduction. It needs to be followed by continuous practice of the skills taught. Mastery of critical skills does not happen overnight. Training is an introduction, but for it to become part of the DNA, part of the culture, a self-directed learning model is proving to be a more effective way of translating learning into performance.

The success of any customer-focused organization is dependent on the skills its frontline employees – the face of the organization – use to build customer relationships. Winning customers’ long-term loyalty means giving frontline employees the tools to help them learn, develop, and master the exact skills that those customers are looking to experience whenever and however they do business with you. Self-Empowered Transformation™ accelerates the process of honing those valuable customer relationship-building skills.

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An employee is notified each time direct customer feedback on his or her performance is received. With guidance and encouragement from their manager, the employee uses this feedback to take the right steps toward performance excellence.

 Self-Empowered Transformation™ gives employees three “Success Keys” to focus their skills development for greatest impact. The first key is direct feedback that is captured from customers who are pre-equipped to evaluate, in the live environment, the exact relationship-building skills demonstrated in an employee’s service delivery.

The second key is a personalized and comprehensive Employee Performance Dashboard that details the employee’s skills and trends as experienced by customer-evaluators.  Behind the dashboard is a ton of insight-filled reporting specific to the employee and the service experiences they have personally delivered. This individualized reporting pinpoints exactly which skills the employee is consistently demonstrating and exactly which skills they need to work on to create lasting success.

Finally, key number three is targeted, behavioral level Transformative Techniques that empower the employee toward learning, demonstrating and mastering critical skills for delivering best-in-class service experiences. These Transformative Techniques provide instruction tailored to each critical skill, explaining why it is important, describing how to practice it, and demonstrating what it sounds or looks like in the live environment.

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The effectiveness of many employee-development solutions is diminished because the feedback is so far removed from where service is actually being delivered. Self-Empowered Transformation™ solves this problem by channeling feedback on the customer experience promptly and directly to the frontline employee.

Today, fueling growth through the customer experience is best achieved by equipping frontline employees – those who are actually delivering that experience, day in and day out – with the resources they need to succeed. Customer feedback is critical to accelerating employee skill development. It goes to the executive level, then gets filtered down until eventually it reaches the manager of the customer-facing team. And in many cases the manager doesn’t have the skill set to develop professional-level service and sales behaviors.

Self-Empowered Transformation™ solves this problem by channeling feedback on the customer experience promptly and directly to where it will have the greatest impact – the frontline employee. Voice-of-Your-Customer analytics show at the behavioral level where each employee needs to focus their learning and development efforts based on actual experiences evaluated through trained customer-evaluators. It equips them with the skill-specific knowledge and purpose to create and sustain a consistently excellent experience.

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Giving employees the resources, opportunity, and motivation for their own professional development increases their engagement and accountability, at the same time as it contributes to their performance – and your institution’s revenue growth.

Based on extensive research, testing and actual “early adopter” client experiences, Support EXP knows that Self-Empowered Transformation™ is the best model for equipping and inspiring people who really want to succeed, both as individuals, as a team, and as part of a customer-focused organization. Frontline employees gain a greater awareness that what they do and how they do it are clearly linked to the success of your entire organization. It frees managers to focus their attention and energy on equipping and inspiring employees for success.

Here's What Rhonda Had to Say
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Let our CX Experts assist you in exploring how Self-Empowered Transformation™ can help you build the team you need!