Key Differentiators

Live-Streamed Reviews

Ratings & Reviews CX captures and immediately shares feedback directly from the customer privately on your organization’s intranet as an internal awareness and improvement program — then publicly on your website as a showcase of excellence for visitors to experience.

Be the Go-to Brand

Ratings & Reviews CX differentiates you from other institutions and strengthens your brand identity as it demonstrates your confidence in the quality of the products you offer and the experience your people ensure every customer will have across every channel.

Drive Mission Alignment

Increase awareness across your enterprise to drive mission alignment and promote cultural change. Ratings & Reviews CX serves as a powerful tool for boosting accountability by keeping employees aware of their effectiveness in delivering quality customer experiences.

Genuine Voice of the Customer

Ratings & Reviews CX streams actual feedback from your customers, without filler or duplication. REAL reviews from REAL customers in REAL time boosts credibility and consumer trust — and helps attract prospective customers who make their decisions based on reviews.

Know Your Truth

Would your customers refer you to their families and friends? How satisfied are they with their experience of your people, products, process and channels? Ratings & Reviews CX provides you with Transformational CX Analytics to continuously know how well you’re performing.

Integrates with Net Referral+ CX

When integrated with Net Referral+ CX, Ratings & Reviews CX becomes a powerhouse for attracting new customers, boosting loyalty with existing customers, enhancing employee performance and dedication and informing strategy at the highest levels of the organization.

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Let our CX Experts assist you in exploring how Ratings & 

Reviews CX™ can help you build the team you need!

Let our CX Experts assist you in exploring how Ratings & Reviews CX™ can help you build the team you need!