Transformational Insights for Financial Leaders: Episode 1 – Why Training Fails

In this first episode of our Transformational Insights for Financial Leaders video series, you will learn “why training fails,” from the industry’s top experts.

Forbes #1 Credit Union: Barksdale’s Story

Learn how our solutions helped Barksdale Federal Credit Union become #1 in the nation on Forbes’ customer satisfaction list.

CU Broadcast Interview: Support EXP’s Rhonda Sheets

Support EXP Founder, President. CEO Rhonda Sheets stops by the AXFI Studio to discuss what credit unions’ differentiator is… and it’s not digital.

Solving Customer Friction

Customer friction is an undeniable force in the financial industry. With so many banking options out there, you can’t afford it. Are you ready to resolve friction today?

AXFI Master Series: Rhonda Sheets

Selling is a series of events done in the right order. Do your managers and employees know what they are?

Support EXP: Who We Are

Support EXP is all about helping create transformations within financial institutions as well as communities around the world.