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Net Referral+CX™ Is the Score Plus So Much More.
Win Loyalty in Real Time.

Net Referral + CX™

Crystallize Customer Intelligence.

For many years (and perhaps still) there has been controversy surrounding the formula theory of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), questioning whether the score has any real correlation to business performance. NPS is a customer metric that relies on the periodic gathering of consumers' attitudes that measures the 'likelihood' that your customers will refer your business. But how well does measuring 'likelihood' impact your operational business performance? The score alone will not tell you what your customers think of your brand, how they experience it, what they plan to do in the future at the relationship or transactional level, or even what drives them to do it.

Does your NPS score meet your goals, drive loyalty, and impact future business?

As pioneers of the Net Referral score in the early 90’s, we discovered that the referral question was a lagging indicator, and measuring 'likelihood' alone was just not enough to improve business performance. Since then, to impact business performance at the operational level, we have proved you need multiple loyalty indicators that tell you exactly what your customers think about you and your brand, plus capture, at the behavioral level, the key drivers and motivators for their buying decisions, in real time. So, you can intercept detractors and immediately monetize those who are willing to buy more from you and grow with you. This, coupled with real time, action-level feedback, lets you impact conversion rates, improve promotional marketing, transform service effectiveness in dealing with customer engagement, predict current and future loyalty, and position your organization to outperform the market. Isn’t this what you should have in order to exceed your goals and win loyalty and future business?

You decide.

Net Referral+ CX Product Wheel

Why Net Referral + CX™?

Measurement and Metrics:

  • Measures the ‘pulse of the customer’ and the ‘why’ behind the Net Referral Score™
  • Develops customer centricity (high-value customer segment)
  • Generates product leads
  • Captures share of wallet information
  • Tracks progress of leads – start to finish – with Closed Loop Tracking Tool
  • Impacts detractor service recovery
  • Includes instant, Real Time Alerts and Loyalty Index metrics


  • Net Referral key drivers
  • Branch specific reporting for manager accountability
  • Branch comparisons
  • Employee specific reporting to effect needed change
  • Trend analysis comparisons

The Original Net Referral Performance Program

Developed in the early 1990s, Support’s referral score was the first loyalty metric in the financial services industry. Today, Support’s Net Referral + CX™ loyalty program is a customizable, turnkey solution that actively engages your customers and provides instant, Real Time actionable analysis and trending data that grows wallet share.


Get More Than Just the Score for Growth

Net Referral + CX™ not only asks the question “How likely are you to refer?”, it also asks “Have you referred, and if so, how many times?” The survey offers customizable follow-up questions to uncover key loyalty drivers to capture why they would refer or have referred you. Each survey provides a section that allows your customer to freely express information about their experience, giving you root-cause analysis for your overall loyalty (Net Referral™) score.


A Few of Our Reporting Features

  • Segmentations and extensive drilldowns
  • Interactive, animated charts and graphs
  • Comprehensive CRM tracking
  • Instant lead generation and detractor alerts
  • Monthly, quarterly & executive level reports
  • Online resource library
  • Secure, 24-7 access

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